Trial Lessons

Trial Lessons and Starter Courses

The Glider Trial Lesson 

A fantastic way for you, or a loved one, to experience gliding for the first time:

Come and soar high above the Gloucestershire countryside over the scenic Severn Valley.  On a good day you can see over to the Welsh borders and Forest of Dean, up to the Malvern Hills in the North, down to the Bristol Channel in the South and get a great view of the Cotswolds stretching out to the North East and South West.

We offer  a range of trial lessons from a simple 15-20 minute flight up to an unforgettable "Mile High" experience.

 Trial Lesson Vouchers also make an ideal gift!

After your flight

When visiting the airfield for a glider flight you automatically become a temporary member of the Bristol and Gloucestershire Gliding club and as such you are welcome to use our facilities during the period of that membership. This includes returning to the field to take additional dual instructional flights by aerotow or winch launch as a normal club member (you will simply pay the club launch and soaring fees for any flight). We hope you will want to continue your training and join us as a full member, and we offer a number of joining options (see here).

 Please note that the participant must be between 4ft 9ins and 6ft 6ins tall and weigh less than 100Kg.

About your flight


On arriving at the club you will be met by your BGA qualified instructor who will run through a few simple safety procedures before being taken to the launchpoint for your flight.  Once at the launchpoint you will be shown your glider and the instructor will point out the various controls and instruments that will be used or referred to during your flight.
Your flight is actually a gliding lesson and once in the glider you will be launched behind one of our 'Tug'  aeroplanes. Your instructor will be in control so this is your opportunity to enjoy the view across to the Gloucestershire countryside. Once at launch height the tow rope will be released and you will be invited to take the controls under the expert tuition of your instructor.  Your instructor will demonstrate how the controls work and the effect on the glider and then give you a chance to try. The instructor will then take over control again for the approach and landing - the instructor has a duplicate set of controls and is able therefore to ensure your safety at all times. 
Please read the safety notes.
flight_takeoff Standard
£99valid for 12 months
  • Aerotow Launch to 2000ft
  • Full pre-flight briefing from your instructor
  • Includes 3 months temporary mebership
  • Best choice if you just want to see what gliding is like, makes an ideal gift or surprise treat

£120valid for 12 months
  • Aerotow Launch to 3000ft
  • Full pre-flight briefing from your instructor
  • Includes 3 months temporary mebership
  • Best choice if you think you may want to learn to fly, or want an extended first flight

Mile High
£195 valid for 12 months
  • Aerotow to 1 mile above sea level
  • Full pre-flight briefing from your instructor
  • Includes 3 months temporaray membership
  • Best choice for a unique experience or special gift