BGGC Cadet Scheme

Want to learn to fly?  You can join the Bristol & Gloucestershire Gliding Club as a Cadet member.

Want to see what it's like ?  Have a look at our Cadets YouTube channel here.

Who can apply ?

  • If you are aged between 14 and 18 you can!
  • No qualifications required, other than enthusiasm and determination.

Another first Solo Flight

What's involved?

  • We will train you to fly a glider solo.
  • We train you to launch and retrieve gliders.
  • We will train you to drive the club’s retrieve vehicles.

Winch Launch with an Instructor

What's the cost?

  • A winch launch with a short 7 minute flight will cost around £9
  • A 30 minute soaring flight will cost around £17
  • Annual membership is £90



Great! What next?

Easy, download an information pack and application form ...

Application Form

To apply download the application form ...