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Please read this safety briefing fully.

  • Visitors are not permitted beyond the Clubhouse, Car Park and Garden areas unless accompanied by a Club member. You will be escorted to and from the glider for your flight.
  • Drive and walk behind aircraft, never in front of them, do not step over wings or fuselages of parked gliders.
  • Keep to the edge of any runway (someone may need it for landing on it!). and please be vigilant at all times particularly when crossing the field.  The whole of the airfield is used for landings - from all directions. Gliders are silent and fast so keep a good look out - upwards as well as all round. Aircraft that are committed to land may be unable to avoid you!
  • Please keep children under close supervision and dogs on a lead at all times. Gliders are fragile  and can be damaged by little feet and hands, propellers and winch cables are very dangerous - keep all children away from the gliders.
  • At the launch point  do not approach the propellers of powered aircraft, even when their engines are switched off, ff you see that a glider or other aircraft is launching keep well clear and please remain behind the launch point vehicle.
  • Visitors are expressly forbidden to use any of the Club’s mechanical equipment under any circumstances.
  • Smoking is forbidden in the vicinity of aircraft and in all Club buildings
  • Look out for launch cables and tug aircraft - landing tugs have tow ropes stretched 100yds  behind them which can cause severe injury
  • If you wish to return and make use of your membership to fly again, please contact the office to obtain a copy of ‘Notes for New Members’.  Read these notes carefully and make sure you understand the safety notes before venturing onto the airfield unaccompanied!


What to do before setting out for Nympsfield

  • If you can't make it to a pre-booked  appointment to fly, or it it looks like you might be late, please telephone us to let us know
  • Check the weather  - if you are in any doubt as to whether we might be flying, ring the office (generally we cant fly in very strong winds, heavy rain, very low cloud or thick fog.
  • Dress appropriately - you will be spending some time out of doors on a fairly exposed site.
  • Airfields can be a bit chilly even on hot days if the wind is high, and can be very cold on less than warm days, so bring warm clothes, waterproof jacket if showery and waterproof shoes in winter or wet periods in the summer (walking shoes or boots are ideal); skirts are not advised for flying;
  • Bring sun protection - sunglasses, sun cream and a hat (ideally brimless).
  • Don't forget your camera!
  • Non-flying family and friends are welcome - but please make sure that there are enough adults to control any children or dogs.
  • At peak periods, snacks and light meals may be available on site, but this can't be guaranteed, so bring a picnic or packed lunch. No alcohol before flying, please... (at weekends the club bar will be open once we've stopped flying!)
  • Directions to the airfield are given under "About" section on the website. On arriving at the airfield, park in the visitor parking area, and ask at the clubhouse what the procedures are for the day.  If the clubhouse is unoccupied, there will normally be a notice board outside giving information about the day's activities; we will normally come and pick you up from the clubhouse area. Do not proceed onto the airfield unless briefed to do so.