Trial Lessons

The BGGC offers a number of trial lesson experiences designed to let you experience the thrill of gliding without having to commit to a full membership. In each case you (or somebody very lucky!) will be flying in a dual control glider with a BGA instructor. Regardless of which level you choose you will have the opportunity to fly the glider yourself. All Trial Lesson launches use aero-tow behind one of the clubs tug planes. 

Please call or email the office for further details or to purchase a trial lesson voucher.

You can download the booking form here .

Alternatively you can purchase on-line (see below) and we will mail details to you to allow you to book your flight.



Trial Lesson Options

The High Trial Lessons are available 7 days a week, Mile High Trial Lessons Monday - Friday . All of these offers include a 3 month period of membership, enabling you to return to the club and take as many additional lessons as you wish at club member rates.

All our vouchers are valid 12 months.


Standard Trial Lesson:
A tow behind a tug aircraft to 2000ft followed by a gentle glide down, about 15 mins in the air. 

High Trial Lesson

A tow to 3000ft followed by a gentle glide down, around 25 mins in the air. 
"Mile High" Trial Lesson:    
A tow to a mile above sea level giving an extended flight of about 35 minutes - a premium flight 

Availability of all lessons are  subject to suitable weather conditions.  For safety reasons pupils must be between 4’ 10” and 6’ 6”.  There is a strict weight limitation of 16 stone, we are unable to fly anybody over this weight. Your trial lesson includes temporary membership of the club, and you will be requested to fill in this membership form.

Current Tariff

(updated 14/12/14 - subject to change, please check with the office for latest prices)

All payments are handled via PayPal :

Standard Trial Lesson
  • £99 (includes  3 months temporary membership)
  • 2000ft aerotow
  • voucher valid 12 months
High Trial Lesson
  • £120 (includes 3 months temporary membership)  
  • 3000ft aerotow 
  • voucher valid 12 months
Mile High 
  • £195 (includes 3 months temporary membership)  
  • Mile-high aerotow
  • voucher valid 12 months