Evening Parties


Free Soaring and Beer on Evening Parties (*)

The committe have confirmed that there will be no soaring charges for evening parties this year.


  • Would you like to fly with the same instructor without having to wait for the one day a month they're on duty?
  • The best instructors in the club fly evening parties (**).
  • Consistency of instruction / winch driving means evening party pilots generally go solo quicker
  • Would you like to fly with a group of friendly, supportive, like minded pilots, or offer support to others?
  • Would you like to fit your flying into a time slot that doesn't take you away from family at weekends?
  • Would you like to escape from family mid-week as well as weekends!? 
  • Would you like to catch the last thermals of the evening, or to prove that the ridge still works in nil wind?
  • Do your circuits/landings require more polish?  (If you think your answer to this is NO then you probably REALLY need help!)
  • Would you like to fly the club fleet but are too busy flying your own plastic toy at weekends?

...if the answer to any of the above is "Yes" then the solution is to join us on Wednesday or Friday evenings.

Flying normally starts around 6pm (But can be earlier depending on availability of instructor & winchy), and finishes when we run out of light.

The bar opens shortly after hangar packing.

(*) It's the soaring that's free not the beer - Free beer is normally bought by the pupils for the instructors. But you're welcome to try and negotiate
(**) In the absence of "The best instructors in the club" I'm normally still available.

If you would like more details contact me at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. , or simply turn up after 6 on Wednesday or Friday.