Sunday 14th May

A steady day with good soarable conditions locally at times.

DG505, K13 & K21 all kept busy by Xtophe, Kevin & Steve K respectively.

A small number of private gliders made use of the better conditions away from Nym, up the Cotswolds & across into Herefordshire with a relatively long glide back from the North into the sea air.

A visitor from Lasham turned up at the end of the day and was towed back towards home by the Pawnee.

Many thanks to Douggie (and Seb) in the winch and to Nigel W in the Tug for the launches.

Many thanks also to Will, Abbie, Alastair, Tim & Tom for running the launchpoint & keeping things moving.

Work continued in the Cafe, painting & preparing for the Grand Opening Party next Saturday