Saturday 22nd Sunday 23rd April

Saturday.  A long training day for Graham.  Seb completed a NAV exercise with Tim in the DG, Douggie went to Lasham to get the plate back, they only had it a week.  Not sure the reception was totally welcoming!  A number flew XC to better conditions than forecast.  Owain drove the winch whilst Nick started his Bronze flying test.  Steve drove the tug.  I think Xtophe was in the winch.  Martin mowed the lawn.  Additional thanks to Richard who gave the field a complete set of new stripes on Friday, very smart from the air.

Sunday.  Another long list.  Many thanks to Sid and Chris for helping to ensure all flew.  Again a number of XC flights flown (see the Daily Ladder for details).  MY ARC progressed, it'll be flying very soon.  Andy T covered the trial lessons, Nick drove the winch with Nigel in the tug.  The threatened plate retrieval flight from Lasham did not materialise, I suspect they'll not be long in coming.