Junior Winter Series 2017

Another very successful weekend, with reasonable soaring conditions on the Saturday following the passing of the showers early on.

Plenty of people on the list for flying XC, ab-initio and plenty for the club single seaters to accompany the many visitors who rigged their own gliders.

Sunday: Was forecast to be awesome and awesome it was in the right places. A very long flying list kept the two instructors busy. Many went XC for their first time in the Arci/Nimbus. Many went XC for their first time solo: 3 x Silver Distances, Alex Fordham (BUGC), Henry Inigo-Jones (Lasham), Matt Johnston (Lasham). 1 x Silver Duration: Josh Milner in his SF27.

Plenty of private gliders out too, to accompany the visitors on trips around the West.

Once again we were incredibly lucky with the weather.

Massive thanks goes to:

 - The launching team: Chris and Graham towing, Douggie, Seb, Scott, Nick and Tommy winching/retrieve vehicle driving. Their excellent launching abilities lead to approx 150launches over the weekend - great effort.

 - The instructing team who gave up their own XC flying: Greg, Christophe, Alex O(visitor), Pete H(visitor), Matt P (Aston Down), (Me)

 - All private owners and coaches who gave up their own XC flying and gliders to teach others, 

 - And all the people on the ground that kept pushing gliders, hooking on, signalling, wing running, retrieving etc...

 - Also thanks to the barmen and catering.


Looking forward to the Juniors!