First week of July – a record week?

The BGA Ladder records over nearly 18,500Km flown from Nympsfield in the first week of July, with an average flight length of over 300Km!

Probably means (assuming a few flights do not get onto the ladder) that we did well over 20,000Km during Sid’s task week – with task week participants from Nymspfield and North Hill and regular flying by BGGC members. The week included first 300km and 500km flights, and of course BGGC members covered several thousand more Km flying fromĀ  AD in Competition Enterprise.

Must be a record XC achievement for the club – we should get Sid to run more Task Weeks if this type of weather is the result!

Many thanks to everyone who helped, tugged, winched and assisted at the launch point in getting the XC grid away on some very hot days.

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