Evening Party – Thursday 20th September

A slightly reduced team this week with Tony G & Ian H away sailing in the Med, under the watchful eye of Cap’n Ian Lane. Not sure who’s in charge of the parrot. One slight worry is that with Tony & Ian on the same boat there’s a risk that we’ll end up short of 2 inspectors for the club.

Thursday was a busy evening working on the K8. Ian had completed the glue inspection at the weekend before setting off on hols, so now we start on the task of putting it all back together.

Xtophe & Dave P worked on the Ailerons, Kevin looked at the back end of the fuselage, and Andrew W patched the inspection holes in the wings, rudder and elevators.

Many, many coats of dope will need to be applied!

This will bring us to the end of maintenance for 2017/2018, just in time to start again with the DG sometime in Oct, after Tim gets back from his hols.

Tim has once again agreed to supervise the DG Annual but will need volunteers to carry out the non-inspector tasks. With the Big Grob (P70) currently out of action it would be good to get the DG back into action as quickly as possible. To do this we will need to find some people willing to give some time mid-week as well as weekends. Anyone willing to help weekends or mid-week, should contact me or Andy Ward through the club office

Dates all to be confirmed when Tim returns from the Eurozone, assuming the new PM (BoJo or JRM?) lets him back in

(If anyone is interested Pete Fabian cooked an excellent Paella followed by home grown apple pie & custard)



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