Evening Party – Thurs 15th Nov

With Ian H back from Morocco a more or less full team continued apace with the K21 Annual. The rudder pedals went back in with the plastic tube repositioned, thus avoiding having to cut the cable to replace the tube. Everything was hoovered once more (Where does the dirt come from when the Fus hasn’t moved from the workshop?) and another quick tour with the oil can allowed the seat pans to be refitted. Thanks to Sid last weekend the wings are all done so the Annual is pretty much complete, just waiting for a new rudder.

Hopefully when the rudder arrives FYV should be back in the air in short order.

The back end of the K8 got its first coats of silver dope. Unfortunately it’s not really practical to do more than one coat in an evening so it will be a little while yet before we can move on to colour!

Dave Parsons cooked his excellent sausage casserole.



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