End Of November – Begining Of Foxtover

Graham ran the show

David Parsons did at least one trial lesson with a walk in Aussie called Sheila and maybe got some dollar off her – She did literally walk in.

Rob T was wearing his $200 Wiking hat – he might have done some trial lessons?

Martin T flew the Fox for the first time in Anger and thought that the mirror was considerably smaller than the Pawnees – which it is – But not as much as the 270 foot Aerotow rope inferered.

Which Was The First Day Of The Trial.

Mouse traps were found fired/ activated But no mice.

Cadets Jake and Co turned up with only one hour off day light – which We admire for keenness – still in uniform and Co managed to fly.

Gordon Winched and took Sheila down to the cashpoint so she could pay for her trial lesson!

That’s All I know.

Whips out for tomorrow ?






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