21st/22nd June

21st / 22nd June

Where to start.  How about the 21st, the longest day.

Jordan, James and others commenced flying a little after 0400.  The day that followed was the best in the UK for many years.  At least 3 x 1000km flights (not from NYM), Trevor managed 690km+, a number of other flights in the range 400-500km.  Henry Mo completed his second XC with a brisk 300km.  Not bad for someone who only started in August last year.

Kevin and Xtophe then flew until it was really quite dark finishing after 2130.


Anticipating another reasonable day tasks between 250 and 500km were set and completed with a number of people visiting Parham and other places on the south coast.  A huge fire on the Salisbury Plain danger areas added to the interest, but destroyed the views.

Special mentions for Xtophe who completed his Diamond distance, Oli Summerall for completing his first 200km flight and Henry (again) who flew the K8 to Lasham to collect the plate, toured the vintage museum and then took a low aerotow and soared back.  I am told this hasn’t been done before.  It is amazing what knowing you haven’t got crew does for your enthusiasm.  Further thanks to Graham who flew himself and then ran the Friday evening session.


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